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Release Blitz: Chaos by Chelle C. Craze

Title: Chaos Author: Chelle C. Craze Series: The Blackwell Bayou Series, Book One Genre: New Adult Romance/Contemporary Romance

Cover designed by Cover by T.E. BlackT.E. Black Designs Release date October 23, 2017
Drex and I weren’t two of a kind. We more closely resembled the rare one-eyed Jacks or suicide kings of the deck. The wild cards people often overlooked, tucking them into the pile, without ever giving them a second glance. Never knowing how truly special they could be if paired correctly.
Honestly, we were simply two lonely souls trying to find direction.
When I thought my story had reached its finale, his had merely begun. I’d fought for so long to barely survive that I had entirely forgotten what it meant to live. Drex was my reminder.
Some things happened without reason, and some reasons never made sense. This was how it was between us. I never knew from one second to the next what to expect. Except the unexpected, that was. I learned to accept what I couldn’t change and to grow …

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